Thursday, August 19, 2010


obviously i am trying to play catch up. so much has happened around here lately i need to get it on the blog before school gets going and i don't ever acknowledge summer. A couple of weeks ago we met up at the lake with some friends because our friend Rossie came in to town. Rossie moved to Montana and we all miss her but we know it is a great move for her family (blogger isn't letting me link, Rossie's blog is on the side bar if you want to visit).

Rossie is a mommy to 6 great kids. she home schools, sews, takes gorgeous pictures, cooks from scratch, is super organized, shall i go on? she is AMAZING no doubt and to top it off she is so sweet, i really really miss her and her family! love ya friend hope we get to visit again sometime, sooner than later =)
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