Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boot Camp

This week in our home is going to be discipline boot camp.
Our kids, specifically 2 of them have been having a VERY hard summer. one acts out on a very short fuse by yelling or hitting siblings. that is not acceptable.
the other child, whines A LOT and the age he is he should not be whining still, he also does not follow directions very well, cant complete a simple task and honestly i want to climb the walls! it has got to the point i even spoke to his pediatrician when i took him for a check up last week.

our doctor is very matter of fact.
she told me i need to get a straight spine, and stick to my guns.
so i guess i am going to take some nanny Jo advice/ Dr.Pardo advice and get consistent. i am so bad at this because well........ it is exhausting, right?! i feel as though i am talking to myself over and over again.
John and i had a nice long talk today and we are together on this we have got to get control of this, school is starting in 3 weeks and since well i am THE TEACHER i don't want to be frustrated all year.

The kids have got to chose the right way, they have to!
i assume it will be a VERYYYYY long week, but with Johnnie having my back, my doctors voice in my head encouraging me, and a pretty blank calendar no time like the present to start.
i have a feeling there will be lots of timeouts this week, lets hope i make it through. as my doctor said it will take a few LONG exhausting days but if you continue to be the parent it WILL work! i am so holding on to that.....
anyone else having a long summer, or is it just me HA!
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  1. I know what you mean, it's been a long summer!! Some days better than others. at the beginning of this week I banned TV and just doing that changed many things around home. it was calmer and peaceful.
    Good luck I know you can do it!
    p.s I love all your little makeovers in the different rooms in your home. Lovely.