Monday, July 26, 2010


I have this vision of homeschooling my kids in the very near future. a vision of sitting and reading with my kids, learning history, science, math, etc...

a vision of fun art projects that include my kids helping each other out. Enjoying all the hard work i have spent in mapping our days.
crisp clean spaces that would make my kids want to dive in to books and learn
a very well organized school space that is fun and functional.
this is what i am afraid of. being the mean teacher
my kids hating every minute and begging them to send them to school, any school even the one down the road that is not very desirable. that i am going to have so many discipline issues we may never have time to crack a book
to be in a space that is so chaotic i don't which end is up.
Please tell me these is a happy medium? i have 4 weeks to get a grip on this hoping you all can help!


  1. I can promise you one thing, Raquel: you will experience ALL of the above. LOL There will certainly be days that you wonder what in the world you have gotten yourself into and is it too late to enroll them in school. But there will ALSO be days that you see your kids cooperating, the house is halfway clean, you finished your work for the day, and you will sigh a happy sigh and thank God for making you a home schooling mama. And you have friends literally right around the corner to rescue you should you feel like you're really gonna lose it. ;-)

  2. I haven't done it yet my friend, but my fears are the same. And my dreams are the same; and somehow it really ticks me off that my kids might "mess up" their perfect homeschooling spaces with their "fun"--how whacky is that??? So, yes, I think there will be some settling on our part and some giving on their part and I think Lynette will have to talk us down from a cliff a few times a year! :)