Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hall Bath

continuing on with bathrooms this is our hall bath. this was how it looked when we bought it, oh my that color i am not sure what the previous homeowner was thinking. wait until you see the Laker purple my boys room was

again the doors BARF!

and now... for now at least i get tired of shower curtains pretty quick and i have one already i got for 90% off at Kohls a while back.

the problem is my boys use this bath, as well as any guest.
i think boys bath rooms should be concrete walls with a drain in the middle so you can hose the whole place down. enough said....
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  1. Can you IMAGINE what the next owners of my place are going to say about my front bathroom color???? They're gonna RIP into me!!!!!

    Great job on your bathrooms. I can't wait til you help me with mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!