Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun with Friends

My friend Belinda and her family moved away a few years ago, i lost my phone and we lost contact and then a few months back when we went to Disneyland we ran into her family! what a small world (no pun intended HA!) So i got her number and told her we would come down and visit this summer.
So yesterday the kids and i (not Lilly she stayed with my mom) got on the road and headed south. She lives in a great little town in such a great house, my kids thought they were at toys r us! they have every toy imaginable and my kids were in HEAVEN! We played at the house for a while then headed down to the beach (which she lives like 3 minutes from!)
Liz and Madison never got out of the water the whole time we were there, they were like fish. Liz loves the ocean!

Johnathan on the other hand played a bit then hid under a towel because he was cold

Jake dug in the sand for the whole time he loves building!
David played with Nolan in the water and in the sand
all the boys were ready to go back to the house but were troopers to let the girls continue to swim.
We went back a couple hours later and played the rest of the day.
Belinda and i got to get caught up and it was fun to sit and talk with virtually no interruptions. Belinda is so laid back and it is just such a fun person it was like no time had passed since we last saw one another!
my kids were so sad to leave, we headed home around 9:15 at night and hit NO traffic on the way home it was too perfect.
Thank you Troxel family we cant wait to come again!!
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