Sunday, June 20, 2010

virus and the weekend

my computer has a virus. ugh. it was going crazy on Wednesday and all this funky stuff kept popping up ugh! i took it to the computer guy and apparently it is affecting our hard drive now it will be like the end of the week before i get it back. i am so glad all my pics should be fine but i really need to back them up because as of now they are not backed up. So until i get it back i cant post any pics and i finished a cute project in my boys rooms darn!

This weekend was pretty fun. Friday we went to a couples dinner that MOPS put on when we arrived John started not feeling well that was a bummer but about 1/2 way through he began feeling much turned out to be a great night.

Saturday i went to spin it was a really good class. then i went to a women's luncheon with a couple of friends. i took a nap then took Liz to a pool party. wait, are you still reading?? i know my life is so exciting lol.

Today i woke up to pans chattering and David (7) was making John oatmeal i had to walk away because he had dirtied 2 pans, bowls, measuring cups, stuff was on the floor and counters oh my! it was so sweet though he had been talking about it for the last week. We tried a new church today too the people were very nice and the pastor was funny it has been interesting going to a few new places after being at the same church for the last 18 (me) and 25 (John) years but also a pleasant experience thus far............. we cleaned and organized most of the day and John's family came over for a fathers day bbq the kids swam and played just dance it was a fun evening celebrating family...........

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  1. Tonight at your house was my first time playing just dance. That was sooo fun! We've got to get that.