Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our weekend

This was a really great weekend. I don't have that many pictures but a few.

Friday the kids and i cleaned the house and John had to work a lot that day He got called out twice that evening so i rented the kids Alice in Wonderland and they were so excited not to mention i baked brownies and they looked so good i took the rest to the neighbor so i wouldn't be tempted.

Saturday i got up early and went to spin and to workout it was pretty packed i got there half an hour early and got one of the last bikes. after the gym i went grocery shopping, Costco, and Verizon. i have had several issues with my dumb blackberry and Verizon is giving me the run around so annoying!
Came home cleaned and cooked some food and friends came over for a BBQ, we had 3 other families over and a total of 15 kids between the 4 fams and of those kids 9 were 3 and under, it was so fun and LOUD lol. the kids swam and we ate yummy food
Sunday we went to church. then i took the kids to see Toy Story Jake FINALLY pooped in the potty so that was the reward lets hope his days of diapers are pretty much gone. the rest of the day was laid back we just hung out at home and watched some food network star (we were behind so we had to catch up)
i love weekends filled with fun and friends what a great time!

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  1. I had a fun time hanging out with you and the others! And I love that 2 out of 3 of my kids made your blog this post! score :)