Tuesday, June 15, 2010


it has been a over a week since i last posted?? crazy i haven't done that in a long time., so here goes a totally random post.

We have been busy but not anything out of the ordinary just life. all 5 kids are home now, for good since we are homeschooling next year so we have been adjusting to our new schedule. the first week i let them stay up late sleep in and lounge around most of the day, yay that got old (for me) quick. so this week i started a new schedule:
  • up by 7:30 get dressed and get room clean
  • i will feed them all meals and snacks, they have bee plowing through all the food
  • NO TV /wii/ DSi until Lilly takes a nap and only while she naps
  • all chores must be done early preferably before we leave for the gym otherwise before lunch
  • 1 hour of reading per day

so yesterday we started it and it was such a better day. the kids knew what to expect and it all went well. i added some new chores to the kids since they are getting older (and i am getting lazier j/k) and they did great!

Today we went to the library. it was a little interesting because i had my bus err i mean stroller and it wouldn't fit through the little walk way in to the library so i had to take the 2 littles out fold it up and carry it the foot in set it back up and go in, then repeat when i left! i think i will be sending a little complaint email. i have always loved the library, i remember my mom used to always take me to the library and i would get a HUGE pile of books and i would be so excited to go home to read them all as fast as i could so we could go back. so i let each big kid get 5 books and then i got 5-6 to read to them, then i got 3 books on CD that the boys can listen to in there rooms at night (i loved books on tape too) and then i got a few books to read too. maybe i will report what i thought on them here on the blog, i love non-fiction books for the most part if i read fiction i like it to be fairly current times i hate period pieces bleh.

The 10 week biggest loser challenge started again on Friday, this time couples. John and i are a team it has been fun doing this together so far i am sure he probably has a different opinion lol. i am slightly competitive at times HAHA. It is getting tough to lose for me lately or i should say i am not losing as fast anymore so i am not sure what kind of chance we have but it is good for me to keep focus on my personal goals.

oh my gaaaaa it is getting so hot here and it is not even the hot part of the summer yet today it was like 97 and i dread the thought of about a month from now it will probably be 115 degrees yuck!

This summer is going to fly by i am sure, i haven't ordered/ bought/ planned anything for homeschooling yet (waiting on that tree to start sprouting dollar bills). i am in the process of trying to redo the boys rooms (pictures/posts coming). VBS's, church, a little traveling i hope. i will keep you all updated but it may be fewer than normal. i am hoping to get the boys room done in the next few days so i will get that up on the blog, i bought 2 cute end tables i have already spray painted (mostly) i cant wait to show you all i hope it is as cute on person as it seems in my mind =)

a few questions, do you follow a summer schedule with your kids? what are your favorite books (kids or adults)? do you have a busy summer?


  1. Yay! Sounds like your household is having a busy and fun summer! Can't wait to see the boys' room. As for your final question, we are the biggest fans of fun summers around here since it is our time with daddy and we love to play in the water and sunshine (and crappy air-lol). But this summer, we decided to have a new baby and move, so it's very VERY VERY different. Much more structured and scheduled. We HAVE to get certain things done every day and it is just a different kind of summer like that. Plus everyone's been sick off and on, so that has dampened the Haner fun spirit. But we are looking forward to it all! Can't wait to see you again! Someday! :)

  2. I love structure. I feel like a fish out of water without it. This will come in handy next summer when things will be different - this summer every day is like any other with no kids in school.

    You'll make fun of me, but my favorite book is Zero: a biography of a dangerous idea. It's a math/history book. Fascinating! ...see, I knew it. You're already thinking of a smart-elic come back. :)