Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bloggy Interview #2

My friend Dani is the 2ND person of my interviews. We have been friends now for about 3 years and i am sure you will love her as much as i do! The girl has found a program she loves (weight watchers) and has proven it works!!! She doesn't buy into self sabotage often and just keeps plugging along and it is paying off BIG time, she looks fabulous and i know she will get to her goal! I live vicariously through her menus and dinners because that is the great thing about WW you can have what you want and still lose (obviously Dani doesn't have the moderation problems i do HAHA!!!) She is a nursing mom and her 3 kids are all under 4 so whats your excuse for not getting started? life doesn't get any easier ladies lets do this NOW!
Name: Dani
Kids (how many and how old): Jeremiah is 4, Beka is 2, and Nate is 1/2 (half a year that is)
tell us a little about yourself: I've been married for almost 9 years. I was 20 lbs overweight when I got married and the weight crept on from there. Especially since I didn't know how to cook and my hubby and I ate out A LOT. When I quit my job 5 years ago once my first baby was born (I was a high school teacher), I had to learn to cook since money was tight. I still have an occasional bomb meal (bomb as in inedible) but for the most part, I enjoy my cooking and my family does too.At the moment (well not literally at this very moment) I'm nursing my soon to be 6 month old and will introduce solid food to him later on this week, which will put a slight damper on my daily caloric intake (I'm sad about that). More about this later.I love being a stay at home mommy and thank God, so does my husband. I'm involved in a couple of ministries at my church, so that keeps me busy too.
have you always been interested in health / fitness: nope. I wouldn't really call myself interested in health/fitness now. That seems like it's such a foreign term to me. I'd say I'm trying to slim down to fit in regular clothes (instead of the fat girl clothes) and I like how my body is changing and getting stronger in the process.
what is a typical daily routine: up in the six o'clock hour. listen to the kids tell me how hungry they are while I change diapers and either clean the kitchen from the night before (ugh) or start a load of laundry. Oh and we all clean up the living room. The kids and I eat breakfast around 7. leave for the gym at 8. I workout from 8:30-9:30 while the kids play in kid care. home around 10. eat our first snack as soon as we get home. lunch is around 11:30. put the 2 little kids down for their nap and I take my shower. My older son practices pre-school stuff. I help him and clean the kitchen (again...honestly, can it ever just stay clean???). The kids wake up from their naps around 2. We all snack again. Hubby gets home around that time. Around 4 I start dinner. We eat at 5. I clean the kitchen while hubby cleans the kids. Kids to bed at 7. Hubby and I get R&R time. I eat my last snack. I go to bed around 10.Yep, I eat 6 times/day. And for some reason my breakfast and snacks rarely change. For breakfast I always eat 1 serving of oatmeal with splenda and one egg over medium (egg mixed in with my oatmeal...sounds weird I know..ok, I'm a freak) with a serving of non-fat snack is a piece of fruit, one snack is a fiber 1 bar, and the last snack is a bowl of cereal.This may have to change soon though. With nursing the baby, I get 10 extra points/day (weight watcher points that is). But as soon as I introduce solid food to him I lose 5 of those points. I think this makes me sad the most about him growing up. lol Once he's weened completely I lose those remaining 5 points.
how many times a week do you exercise: 4-5 days a week in the gym. non-MOPS Mondays: RIPPED class Tuesday: strength training class wed: either spin or circuit training class Thursday: either step or spin Friday: ultimate conditioning class I'm a total class girl. I am motivated enough to get to the gym but once there I NEED someone to tell me what to do.
when do you exercise: mostly at 8:30-9:30am. I like to get it out of my way.
what is your favorite workout: I like step and spin. But the classes that make me sore...well I like those once the class is over. :)
biggest motivation: that pic of faith hill wearing that black dress with thigh high boots when she did the Sunday Night Football promos. One day soon I want to wear that and look as hot as she does! that and watching the scale slowly go down. I also love it when my hubby tells me how hot I look. That has become more frequent as the pounds come off. And I love it when people come up to me and tell me how great I look. 2 people today at church did that (one man and one woman). Made my day.
do you count calories, carbs, proteins, fat, points, do you follow a certain eating plan etc? why does that work for you: I'm a weight watcher girl where the points for food are calculated from calories, fat and fiber. One point is approximately 50 calories. I love this plan because I can eat anything I want. It's all about portion control and keeping a food journal. I also think this program works for me because I just have to focus on one week at a time. I would get so overwhelmed if I had to see the big picture of my weight loss. But one week? I can do that!I also plan out everything I'm going to eat for the day before the day begins. This keeps me out of the kitchen when I don't need to be in there.For example, my food journal for tomorrow looks like this:Breakfast: egg (2pts), oatmeal (2pts), milk (2pts) =6 ptsDinner: chili dog - tortilla (0 pts), 2 turkey weiners (6 pts), chili beans (3 points), fruit (2 points) = 11 points snack one: fruit (2points)snack two: fiber 1 bar (2 points) and milk (2points)= 4 points snack three: cereal and milk (4 points)lunch: ? (10 points, because that's how many points I have left)At the moment I get 37 points/day but at the beginning of next week I'll only get 32 since I'll start feeding Nate solid food. Once I get close to my goal weight, assuming I'm no longer nursing, I'll get a total of 24 points/day but my leader will add on about 5 points to maintain. So eventually I'll be living off of 29 points/day.I never calculate my activity points I earn when I work out. (these are points that can translate into food points to consume if needed/desired) I think I'd always eat them if I did.
what do you do when you really want to eat chocolate or ice cream or (insert favorite food): I try to talk myself down and have a glass of water. Temptation has a shelf life of about 15 minutes (so they say). If I still really want it after my water (and maybe a small apple), then I'll have some. They say that it's the first bite that's the best so eat that first bite then stop. And sometimes they're right. But other times it's soooo good that I eat the whole thing. I just make sure to count my points (and workout to make sure I don't screw up my week)
do you restrict what your kids eat?, or how much they eat: I don't really restrict them from a whole lot. I make sure to offer them fruits and veggies and lean meats (and they eat them for the most part). But when I can score a hot deal on certain snack foods I go ahead and buy them (gummy snacks, cheesy crackers, etc).
How do you keep yourself from eating your kids' leftovers after a meal: sometimes I sneak in a bite but I don't chow down on their food usually because I'm not hungry since I eat at the same time they do. by the time those slow-pokes are done eating I'm usually done and onto cleaning up the mess. Since I eat 6 times a day, I'm hardly ever hungry.
How do you keep your diet in check when you're super tired and sleep deprived: I try to not get super tired or sleep deprived. Prevention is key. But there are times I blow it and emotionally get my grub on. I try to learn from my screw up and just keep on truckin'. What else can I do, right?do you stop eating at a certain time of night: I try to have my last snack no later than 8pm. I like the feeling of going to bed without a full stomach.
what time of day is your most vulnerable? what strategies do you use to counteract that: I love linner (that meal between lunch and dinner). I make sure around 2 or 3pm I have a scheduled and filling snack (usually a fiber 1 bar and a big glass of water). It gives me a full feeling and I can make it through dinner food prep much more easily.
hormones, how big of a role in your weight (loss): not a big part. I usually don't mood swing too bad. Thank GOD!!!
your biggest tip to a mom just starting out in trying to get in shape: Don't get discouraged and keep at it. And don't think that because you worked out for the day that means you can eat more. It's truly amazing how long and hard you have to workout to burn off what it took less than 5 minutes to eat.
biggest tip to a mom trying to lose weight: join weight watchers! :) j/k ww works for me because it suits my personality to a T. so find something that works for you!
what is your biggest temptation when it comes to food? baked goods...mostly my own. pies, cakes, cookies... And you know I have to taste what I made to make sure it's good. Oh major downfall! So I smart bake by only baking after I've had a filling snack. Then I make sure I sent leftovers with my hubby to work.
who is on your ipod? I really haven't used my ipod in a while. I prefer peace and quiet. but on my ipod is chris rice, plankeye, stavesacre, delerious, janet ables, pastor ron vietti,

any final thoughts for all those mommies out there. or for me =):
eating healthy takes planning and money...but it's worth it.And I love this quote: "I love feeling good more than I'll love eating that."

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