Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh how he loves us

have you all heard that song by the David Crowder Band? oh my i have a new perspective of it tonight. i was spring cleaning my kitchen (which i will blog about soon since we found the camera!) listening to some worship and praying about some things heavy on my heart right now and that song came on and i literally dropped to my face, on my kitchen floor and bawled like a baby. the songs i have set up on that play list are only like a total of 10 songs but the way the order they played in were amazing it took me from "i'd need a savior" by Among the Thirsty," Jesus hold me now" by Casting Crowns , "Amazing Grace" by Chris Tomlin a few others and ended with "Born Again" by third day.

this past month has been a extremely emotional roller coaster for me. i think other than when our son Matthew died i can say this has been the next hardest thing . my integrity, and who i am in Christ have been brought to the forefront of my mind and God has revealed some ugly things in my own heart. but he still loves me!!!!!!!! WOW that is all i can say. and to quote one of the songs on that playlist "if the blessing's in the valley Then in the river I will wait"

here is the link to the DCB song if you haven't heard it. since it wont let me imbed it into my post.

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