Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Recap

OK before i get started i thought i would show you the cutest dress my friend Tara made Lilly for Easter! isn't it adorable, i love the big bow so much i cant wait to see my Lilly wear it, with a little cardigan oh so cute! thanks Tara!!!! i wish i could sew/craft/ create like you can.
This weekend was actually really great, low key but great. Friday i had a doctors appointment in the morning and it was actually pretty pleasant, i saw my doctor for the last time until next year and i truly will miss her, when you have had a constant contact with the same doctor for the last year it is kind of sad when you don't anymore (well for me at least) she gave me some tips and tricks for my diet (i have lost 35.3 pounds holla!!!) anyhow she even pulled out her iphone and show me a picture of yummy looking salad and told me how to make it. after my appointment i went to Costco ALONE it was fabulous! i only got a few things i needed and 1 thing i did not (a cute cake platter set!) and pretty much that was it for Friday.
oh wait no it wasn't i went to rite aid to pick up a prescription for Lilly and to get a refund for Johnathan's prescription. when Johnathan was sick the insurance had his bday wrong so we paid the $115 our selves and they said once it was fixed i could come in for a refund. well the man asked for the card and was going to refund me $992! i told him it was wrong and he preceded to argue with me about it, um sir please look at the receipt.. needless to say they were very happy i was honest, the 2 guys (manager and pharmacy tech) said they would have lost there jobs for that mistake. i am glad i noticed i almost just handed him the card since i was looking at David play with blood pressure machine.

Saturday revolved around this thing above and my kids were so excited. When John drove up with it Johnathan started screaming YES YES YES it was so cute!
after they got it all set up (it is a new to us set we got it from a friends mom who is moving soon) my boys had the first of many picnics i am sure....

they played out there ALL day after that.
i went to the gym, then for a pedicure with some friends. it was the best pedicure i have ever had ahhh bliss....
then i came home and Johnnie had cooked dinner: tri-tip, chicken, grilled asparagus so yummy. i made a tomato basil, mozzarella salad it was a great dinner. then after dinner we all watched survivor, we had not watched any of them yet so we watched the first two (GO Villains!!!!)

Today John had to work welcomed overtime for sure! and the boys and Liz literally played outside from before 10 am until dinner time (they ate lunch out there) this is the greatest thing HA! i even took Lilly out and pushed her in the baby swing for about 45 minutes, she liked it. When John got home and after dinner and baths we watched the other 2 survivors and all the kids and John went to bed.
really nice quiet weekend......
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  1. Thanks for the shout out girly! I can't wait to see it on her. That play structure is stinkin awesome! I want to picnic up there!! Glad you got a great pedi. You deserve it. Hoping to see you tonight!

  2. The play set is awesome - I love it and I bet your kids love it too.
    Well done on 35 pounds that is so great.