Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lilly 3 months

Lilly another month has come and gone you are now 3 months old. In the last month:
  • sleeping a solid 9 hours HOLLA! usually 10
  • wearing 6 month clothes, boo getting so big
  • smiles all the times, seriously it is the cutest thing
  • not sure on weights and length since no doctors appointment this month
  • got her ears pierced, oh so CUTE!
  • still has some major bug eyes i love it, she is so alert.
  • she discovered her hands and can not keep them out of her mouth
  • loves to "talk" now
  • loves me so much, but man she is preferring her daddy some days.
  • had our family picture taken and you did not want to participate that day....
  • the most cuddly baby i have ever had, loves to be cuddling

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