Friday, December 18, 2009

i know i said

i would be back yesterday with a baking post, but blogger is not letting me post pictures for some reason, anyone else having that issue? i haven't tried tonight so if it works i will get it up tonight.

i also have been really busy, you see Christmas is like a week away. i have 5 kids, i have done no shopping for anyone (OK lying a little we have like 4 things bought) but that means we need to get on the ball. the hubs and i are going out in the morning for a few hours and hopefully will get most of it done. i have lists written out and some solid ideas, but hopefully there will still be things to buy lol.

we told the kids we are cutting way back this year, i usually like to have like 10 presents for each kid every year. i love having lots of stuff for the kids to open even it is stuff that is inexpensive (it usually is) but honestly i do not like all the stuff everywhere, half of it the pieces get lost or broke and i end up getting rid of it, and really there is usually only a few things they play with over and over the whole year. so this year they are each getting 3 presents, and 1 thing from Santa. we also fill the stockings, and by some Jammies they get to open on Christmas eve. i like to find the best deals on everything and i hear that since it is a slow year many stores are cutting prices, i sure hope so! Can you all tell gifts are my love language HA!

another fun thing i like to do is buy a book or two new each year for them to look through on Christmas eve and Christmas.

i think this is the kids most favorite thing we have the kids draw names amongst each other but before we do i like to pray with them and we ask the lord to show them ways to bless there siblings with a little something special. i will obviously shop for who Lilly drew, but everyone else will pick out for the other kids. i try to take them separately but seeing as there isn't that many days i will probably take 2 and 2, it is a fun time to get a little one on one time too.

Well wish me luck i am braving the Saturday crowds tomorrow the Lord needs to be with me i have no patience for people sometimes. luckily John will be with me so it should mean no problems i hope....

do you do any fun traditions when it comes to gifts? are you all ready for Christmas? have you wrapped too?

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  1. You and the "hubs." LOVE that! Sounds like fun around the Steele household! We have done a few things, but mostly, I am planning for next year, when we will have a real tree and get started on all this a LOT sooner so we're not running around like crazy people. But I say that every year. :)