Thursday, November 5, 2009

What my life looks like

Last weekend after church we went to breakfast/ lunch (i don't like to say brunch it sounds so not us) anyway i had recently asked John what he thought people thought of us we walked up with our 5 kids.

Jake was having a GREAT time singing VERY loudly at the top of his lungs

he didn't care who heard him or what people thought. singing carelessly and just having a fun time.

that meal included a dropped glass of water, my boys talking VERY loudly about what they wanted for Christmas etc. at one point during the singing John and i looked at one another and just laughed. our lives are so different than what i ever thought it would be but it is the best thing i can imagine... and who cares who is looking and watching

well i am sure she may care in a year or two! i sure hope not
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