Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving plans

I am so excited the holidays are here. this week is Thanksgiving and we are hosting it at our home, i love love love having people over for the holidays (and anytime) so this is right up my alley. i think including kids we are going to have about 30 people, so no setting a pretty table with china (not that i have china HA!) but will still be fun no doubt

This week Johnnie is on vacation so he is redoing my boys room ripping down walls, replacing the windows, insulating the walls, etc... i cant wait to show you all the pics of the after's, he got me bigger windows because the ones in there were so high the kids couldn't see out of them. now they will be able to and that is going to be cool.

My kids are also off school this week. i am hoping to bake cookies with them on Monday. Liz and Lilly and i are going on a date on Tuesday. and then cooking and cleaning on Wednesday.

For the meal on thanksgiving we are doing the turkey, ham, and i am making the yummiest sweet potatoes and everyone else is bringing everything else. oh and i will probably do some appetizer type things and a dessert too.

What are you doing for thanksgiving? what is your favorite part of the meal?

my favorites are sweet potatoes, ham and turkey and cranberry sauce...

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