Monday, November 9, 2009

a fall day

I love fall it is beautiful and somewhat calm before the winter holiday's. one day last week i went to the cemetery to visit Matthew's grave.
when Matthew passed away John and I went to the cemetery to find a place to bury him (something a parent should never have to do) we immediately loved this location by the pond (which is really low at the moment) i liked it because it was right by a palm tree and off on its own space

see all alone no one trampling it

the 23rd of October marked the 6 year anniversary of Matthew's death and it was still pretty hard for me.

here is his headstone that we picked out. i Love that it has his picture on it. puts a face to the grave which is something i always wonder when i look at the other headstones....

it is a beautiful view from the cemetery and to many people they are so sad but i love the quiet calm of a cemetery especially on a cool fall day....
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  1. Raquel, that is a lovely spot for Matthew, I am so sorry that you lost Matthew. Love you, friend!