Wednesday, September 16, 2009

let the countdown begin!

In 6 days from today our new baby Lilly will be here! we are SOOOOOOO excited! I always have iron issues when pregnnat so after 5 weeks of iron infusions and my blood levels not going up quick enough i went today for a blood transfusion, it took like 5 hours! but now i am all ready for my c-section.

i tend to get very nervous before a c-section, when i had Jake i was so worried i was going to die. This time i feel very peaceful and not too worried i know the surgery will go great. i think with Jake i was most worried because my other 2 c-sections were not planned i had went into labor and had planned on having a normal delivery so there was no time to think about a c-section. This time i know how much easier the recovery is when you have a planned c-section.

Tomorrow i go for a ultrasound to check on my fluid levels and to see how big Lilly will be. I think she will weigh right around 10 pounds, but that is just a hunch. i really hope i make it until next Tuesday so my doctor can be the one to deliver me not the on call doctor cause i LOVE my doctor she is fabulous!

So i have lots to do in the next 6 days, finish Lilly's room (i finally did my DIY project i will show you all on Thursday), cleaning the house, appointments, hopefully John and I will get a date night this weekend and i want to get a pedicure on Monday or Tuesday morning. that's about it, i hope i have some time to blog before i have the baby


  1. This is your 4th. c-section, right?
    I look forward to hearing how everything goes! You're so close! 6 days will go by in a flash. : )

  2. Yay! I can't wait to meet her. If you need anything at all let me know!!!

  3. Can't wait Raquel. Gotta get the pre-birth pedi! Enjoy my friend!

  4. Looking forward to pictures Raquel.
    Congratulations again to you and John.