Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Lilly Grace

HI all Lilly is here yay! here is the email i sent some friends. hope i don't forget anything i only have  afew minutes until i need to get her up to eat:

lilly on my phone

I feel so blessed my heart could burst (although I hope it doesn't you know just a figure of speech) =) some quick update before I fall asleep:

  • Lilly was born at 1:45
  • weighed 9 pounds and 20 3/4 inches long
  • the doctor commented on how "small" she was lol, I agree she looks so tiny since we were expecting a 10 pounder
  • I had a GREAT anesthesiologist and my spinal did not hurt what so ever
  • I did however have the hardest delivery of any of my c-sections because I kept throwing up off and on through out the actual surgery, and my face was so itchy. several times I could not breath and it was just so odd. I was able to pray to myself and calm down a bit (I kind of started freaking out in my mind that I was choking cause I could not spit)
  • my recovery was really good though other than the itching on my face
  • I got a nice big room, actually Josh and Liz got discharged today and I got there room (they came and saw us when they came to feed the boys tonight and it was so funny cause I just visited her yesterday lol)
  • haven't gave Lilly a bottle yet GO Raquel!
  • Liz and David were so excited to see the baby, they got to hold her and loved it!
  • John is snoring at the moment lol
  • I am waiting to feed Lilly and then going to bed
  • tomorrow I will be able to get up I hope
  • and eat! I am hungry but not kwim (I haven't ate in 24 hours)
  • I had ice chips, then she wanted me to start drinking water since I am trying to nurse and I threw up for what seemed like FOREVER I think it freaked out poor John
  • thank God I brought my laptop it is keeping me up while I wait to feed Lilly (10 minutes to go so I didn't want to sleep)
  • I want to go home already so I can use my baby monitor because I am very paranoid Lilly will stop breathing while she sleeps and I wont know (pray for that please if you think of it)
  • all in all life is SO great! I cant wait for the morning my mom is bringing Jake that should be interesting. Johnathan I think is coming in the evening and Liz and David in the afternoon...

thank you all for all of the prayers.

oh we will be here until Thursday afternoon my doctor said.

hope I didn't forget anything


  1. I'm sorry you had so much throwing up; that sounds really scary to have happen while being operated on! Did they give you anti-nausea med. to drink before the c-section?

    Congratulations on your new baby!

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA I am so happy for you!! She's so GORGEOUS and GO YOU on the nursing!!!

  3. Oh, I am so excited. So glad to hear you are all happy and healthy! Can't wait to meet her and to see all your precious kiddos. Love ya Raquel!

  4. YAY! Way to go with nursing. I am brnging your Sunday meal on Saturday since I am leaving for COlorado on Sunday. I can not wait to see her.