Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Itch To Pitch - week 3

last week i won the challenge, i guess my kids and i will be eating some Digiorno pizza. so excited cause that is our favorite kind of frozen pizza!

i thought i already posted this week but i checked and i hadn't hmmm very odd. anywho i have been busy organizing i love this challenge, especially with being pregnant i am full nesting mode, ask my hubby he has been shaking his head at me everyday. too bad that nesting doesn't apply to laundry in my case.

so last week i worked on my pantry. we have lived here just over a year although we didn't have cabinets until the middle of July last summer and my pantry has been cleared and out cleaned a lot since then it is just one of those areas we are constantly in and out of. hopefully this will last longer than usual. my pantry isn't a big walk in one like i dream of, but it is perfect for our kitchen and it is really deep so it will fit a ton of stuff

the befores:

101_3513 top shelves







the bottom shelves. sorry the picture is totally not straight







the next 3 pics are just what was inside those 2 cabinets!





up at the very top are some bowls and stuff that i am not ready to part with but that i don't use often enough to justify having them in everyday reach. i actually have to get on a step stool to get these, which i am 5 foot 11 so they are high lol.



here are some after's:


i tried to keep everything in like categories by how we use them rice and pastas, lunch stuff, cans, baking, trash bags and refillable items ( storage bags, foil etc, that is all behind the crock pot)

one final look:



for more itch to pitch posts go see The Happy Housewife!! adn stayed tuned for next week i am finishing my kitchen.

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