Sunday, June 21, 2009

Because I LOVE my hubby so much

i told him i would make him whatever he wanted for dinner tonight to celebrate Father's Day so this is what i made:


this is like the dinner i would never crave lol. beans and cornbread (i did draw the line and made pinto beans because Johnnie wanted butter beans GROSS!) and fried potatoes and fried okra


speaking of fried okra i made it for the first time. last year i was part of a veggie co-op and i got okra well i cut it up and froze it and never used it so it worked out perfect. John said it was really good and it looked good to me although i didn't eat it.


the beans and potatoes were good that is all i ate. John only like "real" cornbread which he likes to call it, it is not sweet what so ever blah. i like mine sweet with butter. anyhow it was fun getting to cook him something he really loves and that it turned out well.

for dessert we had peach pie with vanilla ice cream now that was good!

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