Thursday, April 9, 2009

Answered Prayers

yesterday we had our annual M.O.P.S. Easter egg hunt and my kids were so looking forward to it. so when i heard on the news it was supposed to rain i was really bummed. we got up and there was no rain and we proceeded with getting everything ready and going to the park. the clouds started getting dark and i told the kids it may not happen. they were all a little bummed. it then started to very lightly sprinkle and the kids and i decided we should pray. Liz and Johnathan prayed and literally after we all said amen the clouds broke and the sun started shining.

it was so neat to be able for the kids to see tat God cares about all those things and he has control over it all. We had such a fun time and the kids were so excited. God is so good.

the whole thing actually spoke to me to, i mean how often do i hold onto things or not pray about things because they seem to large when all i have to say is here father it is in your hands please help me and he will! and not always in the way i expect but he is always listening to those prayers and knows if i need to see the clouds break or huddle closer to him in the storm

of course here is pictures of the beautiful day!

(these are only the older kids we also had about 30 little ones hunting eggs too)



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