Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Busy Weekend

so i am cooking up a storm, ok not so much cooking prepping i guess. my friend Tara asked me to prepare the food for her son's Wyatt's 2nd birthday party it has been so fun also a little stressful not cooking for my own family is kind of nerve racking because what if everyone hates it!?

i have been taking pictures of everything and i should have a ton of recipes for my cooking blog this week. actually i have TONS of pictures of food i just need to post them. i am not sure why i procrastinate on that.

John, Liz, and David are out of town at a swim meet today. they are actually spending the night in a tent tonight! I am sure David is beyond excited, i hope they have a great time. and that Liz and David do well!

Tonight i hope to get something productive done since it will just be Jake and i. Johnathan is going to spend the night with my mom. i am thinking of organizing something or just sitting and doing nothing, maybe renting a movie. we will see which wins =)

so i hope to update how the food went later today. wish me luck


  1. Well, I can vouch that the food was great! I wasn't the only one asking for that yummy meatball recipe.

    I loved the color medley of the strawberries and cantaloupe, too. Beautiful!

  2. The food was so yummy! You did a great job!

  3. The food was not only the yummiest, it was beautifully and creatively prepared. From delicious boulder meatballs to assorted fruits and veggies in paint trays (our theme was construction), construction sack lunches for the kids, and yummy pasta salad with two different types of pasta, salami and cheese cubes (is that Italian dressing that gives it that little kick?), oh my goodnes, I cannot say enough about how good it all was. One of the best party-planning decisions I have ever made was humbling myself enough to ask for your assistance. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND TUMMY!!!

  4. Take a peek at my blog when you get a second - I tagged you!