Wednesday, February 18, 2009


i sit here amongst stacks of clean and folded laundry thinking i really need to get up and put them away. truth be told they have been sitting here for the last couple of days! i pull a basket of clean laundry and fold it as i watch TV at night then i don't put it away, i think it takes all my energy to just fold the clothes.

i am still really tired but i think i am starting to feel a little better i only took about a 30 minute nap unlike the 2-3+ hour naps i have been taking.

there has been some good TV on lately have you all noticed? tonight (Wednesday) is my favorite night of television Top Chef is on! i have been blogging about my love of top chef on my cooking blog (which i do plan on updating soon with some recipes since i can kind of look at pictures of food without too much nausea). other than top chef, Survivor and Amazing Race are just starting up and Biggest Loser is still alright, although i am getting a little burnt out of it this season.  then there is the daily stuff i always watch too so you see i have lots to keep me busy and not putting away laundry! HA!

guess i should go and get something done around here before anyone gets home and thinks i just sat in front of the DVR and computer screen all day.

what do you like to watch on TV?


  1. I have baskets of laundry over here waiting to be put away too. I just can not seem to get to that step. I love the biggest loser this season. I took a break from it last season though, so maybe that is why. Your soup was soooooo awesome, thank you so much. I have had the left overs for lunch every day. Yummy!!!
    Make sure you are getting enough rest and do not worry about your laundry. Your house always looks amazing!

  2. I am so sad that Fabio was sent home :( Now I am rooting for Carla. She's funny. That is my favorite show for now, and about the only show I make sure I watch every week. Hope you are getting enough rest!

  3. Join the laundry sitting folded somewhere in the house brigade my friend! Accept it, revel in it, love it even! It's not that different to retrieve clean clothes from a basket instead of a drawer.

    I like to watch Gilmore Girls. Have I mentioned that before?