Friday, February 13, 2009

Not much going on around here

that would be worth blogging about. i have been taking some good naps and the other night i fell asleep at 6:40. see nothing to write about.

i have been having the oddest dreams and i totally forgot something about me and pregnancy. i get anxiety while pregnant... i mean bad! and every time it comes a little earlier. i think it because this will be my 4th c-section and i get a little freaked out about everything that can go wrong. the other day on Rachel Ray they showed a story about a lady who died after a c-section due to a blood clot and i bawled my eyes out and was certain i was going to ask my doctor to make sure to give me blood thinners before i have my baby. i also have dreams my kids are getting kidnapped or just random bad things it is horrible i have to pray every time i wake up and i have been trying to recite scriptures. the odd thing is as soon as i have the baby the anxiety goes away i mean within a few days.

in other news this weekend is valentines and our 11th anniversary my the time has really flied by! more on that tomorrow!

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  1. I had bad anxiety with my last 2 c-sections. I was convinced I was going to die with my 4th. c-section. It actually went really well (besides a migraine). I'm sure you will be just fine.

    I've met many many c-section moms and none of them have had any problem that was too big for a doctor to fix.

    Congratulations on getting ready to have your 5th. baby!