Monday, January 19, 2009

Weight Watchers

So i started weight watchers again a little over a week ago! I wanted to do it for a week before i mentioned it because i tend to really stink at diets and give up after a few days. i wrote every bite just like they recommend and my first week i lost 7.8 pounds!!! i was so excited. i get to a mommy and me class so i get to take Jake which is a plus. actually i had 2 requirements: that i could take Jake and that it wasn't at night because i didn't want anything that took away from our family time so this is Friday mornings, awesome! oh and i go with Emily she looks great and has lost over 15 pounds. i hope to be like her and really do well. my friend Dani also does weight watchers and she rocks, she is like 30 pounds from her goal weight! i can not imagine ever being my goal weight, but i guess it takes one day at a time!


  1. Way to go!! That is so awesome, 7.8 lbs. in one week! I can't believe it!! Way to go girl, you must feel so great about yourself!

  2. Awesome - great work to loose 7 pounds. WW is great and even more so that you can take Jake with you. Keep on going!!