Thursday, January 22, 2009

observing people

today i witnessed how weird so many people are. first of all i was driving down the road in a hurry (as usual) and this young girl in front of me in a Lexus keeps breaking, what the heck? i assume she is doing it so i will get off her rear, sorry not going to happen move over lady!! well at one point i switch lanes because she is literally driving 10 miles a hour on like a 50 mph area, i pass and can you guess what she is doing? texting!!! UGH seriously people i am so sick of driving around town and people being so enthralled in what is on there phone they cant pay attention to driving, it is so dangerous and irritating, and really who is that important that you cant respond to a text/email when you stop?! ugh

so i got where i was going and i go in the building. it was the orientation for my doctors office , when you are newly pregnant you go to this "informational meeting" fill out all your forms and listen to them talk to you about the services they provide. well i got there like a minute late refer back to fist paragraph) and i had to sit at the very front. anyone who knows me knows i hate this i like to sit in the last row always! the lady across from me is obviously pregnant for the first time and she brought her MOM to her orientation class, i mean really? why?? and to boot her mom asked a TON of questions "how much can she lift" nurse 20 pounds, "can she eat hotdog's and deli meat" nurse yes, "can i call and speak to her doctor about her appointment" nurse umm if she has you authorized but you are welcome to come with her. oh my gosh the girl was like 25 years old, and she is pregnant mom not confined to bed. oddly enough the mom had a horrible set of acrylics on that were bright blue and had dangly things hanging from the tips, oh and she reeked like smoke. here is a tip lady " let your daughter grow up she is having a baby, and if you are so worried about her getting hurt stop smoking, and for the love of deli meat please get a new manicurist!

before all this happened i went to pick up some prescriptions for Jake because he has RSV and the guy in front of me in line is arguing with the pharmacist about his insurance plan not paying for the whole prescription. like she could do anything she said " i am sorry sir i have no control over that" he said "yup it is those democrats they are controlling everything since the inauguration"... uh wasn't the inauguration like 2 days ago.

i think i need to stay home!


  1. Oh, no! Did he get it from Hannah? I feel so bad...I thought for sure she was better. I hadn't heard her coughing since last week!!!!! Is he doing okay?

  2. By the way her party is at my parents at 4:30 on Sunday if you guys can make it.

  3. Oh my gosh. You are cracking me up!! I so agree with everything...but, um, you're certainly pregnant!!!! :)

  4. Thanks you for the good laugh to start my day. You crack me up Raquel! I hope Jake is feeling better!