Sunday, December 7, 2008

Countdown week 1

well since i finally got my computer back i can post some pictures! i am still having a few problem like i have no windows, cant install my programs etc. but i can post some pictures so all is fairly good in my world
Day 1 was make a Christmas list! here is David making his i picked this picture because you can see my countdown rings hanging on the wall by the tree. oh you can also see Oswald on the TV. the kids put some basic stuff on there lists this year David asked for Lego's, remote control car, and a few other small things. Johnathan asked for a drum set, scooter, a Orange rubber band ???, a scarf .. again???. and Liz asked for clothes, shoes, jewelery, a small camera, and craft stuff. oh and they all asked for games.
day 2- was to read a Christmas story
day 3- was pray for friends and family who do not know Jesus
day 4- was have hot chocolate with marshmallows
yes my kids are drinking hot chocolate with a horse and a dinosaur and Li is wearing a swimsuit =)

day 5 and 6 were pretty much the same- watch a Christmas movie but one night the had popcorn with it. i had to change one of the activities because i was not about to break the budget to spend $50 on the event i had planned.

today was day 7 and it was to make a card for someone you love

so how are your countdowns coming along?

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  1. Horrible....I keep forgetting! I was so excited about this, and here I keep forgetting. That, and the activities I planned to do never seem to line up with spur of the moment things that keep happening!

    Yours looks perfect and fun though! :)