Monday, September 22, 2008

my son the soccer player! this what he does during a game, i wasn't able to get any pictures of him lying on the ground because by the time i got my camera opened the coach had told hm to get up. why in the big picture on the right he is walking with his shorts up like that i have no idea, he did this across the entire field! then he kept walking around hunched over swinging his arms like a elephant trunk. oh my stars my sons is a wackadoodle sometimes =) John and i say he lives in the land of unicorns and leprechauns....
i don't think sports are "his thing" but i am hoping we can find something that is at some point. he likes to perform so maybe music, drama, or art of some sort, any suggestions? oh and his coach is so funny she is just like "Johnathan honey, we don't lie down on the ground during a game" "Johnathan sweetie are you sure you want to play" lol! God bless that coach!
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