Thursday, August 28, 2008

oh my gravy

OK i have so many blog posts i want to do but i have been pretty swamped this week. so keep checking in because i have lots to talk about:
  1. Jake has abnormally large feet! i mean really
  2. OK our town opened a William Sonoma, i have never been to one in real life oh my granny it was GREAT!
  3. mops starts in a week!
  4. our new chore chart/schedule will start on Monday
  5. allowances
  6. my holiday plans (yes i will start talking about Christmas!)
  7. my new hair style
  8. before and after pictures!!!

tune in tomorrow for one of these posts =)


  1. LOL! You said Oh My Gravy and Oh My Granny in the same post. You are on excitement OVERLOAD!!!

    :) Can't wait for the upcoming posts...

  2. Hello ;-)

    You will not regret making those breakfast bars- they are to die for.

    This will be my first year going to convention...really the first year I even was aware that there WAS a convention, lol! Our coordinator announced to the steering and group leader teams that she wanted anyone who planned on being involved in MOPS leadership long term to be able to go, and so six of us are going, and it is all being paid out of our fundraising efforts! The minute I heard it would be paid for I was all over it. All we have to pay for is meals and shopping.

    I assume you're going? It would be neat to meet up!