Friday, August 15, 2008

biting my nails...

it is 1:15 in the morning i am watching the Olympics and i am nervous for these girls wow i love this Nastia Liukin! she is doing great! she is getting ready to go on the beam. seriously i am nervous for the girl. OK a few things i have observed about the Olympics.

  • will someone tell me why you would wear a white leotard to perform in front of the whole world?! i mean seriously!

  • OK these chines girls are really good but does anyone believe they are 16?

  • what is up with the scoring? is someone paying the judges for some of these scores?

  • i like when they get on the phone to "discuss" scores, start values, and deductions.

  • is it me or do our American girls look much "healthier" than everyone else?

  • i cant imagine my dad being my coach!

  • why does the other countries teams where so many darn barrettes in there hair?

  • our girls rock, and there outfits are way cuter!

OK that is all for now carry on....


  1. I have many of the same thoughts you do. I couldn't stay awake last night to finish watching so I hopped online first thing and was so STOKED that we took 1st & 2nd! Our girls DO rock!! One other observation, that probably goes along with the white leotard observation: do all gymnasts (and swimmers and beach volleyball players) do brazilian waxes? They MUST.

  2. Oh yeah - and when they get on the phone like that, Alif always narrates it like it's - you know, a pizza order call or something like that. He is so doggone funny!

  3. That is hilarious...I was thinking the same thing about the barrettes and how CRAZY SKINNY the poor Chinese gynmasts looked. China is a million times worse than the US about self image, though. No Dove commercials there...the government practically spells it out that they're fat. My friend just returned from there a few weeks ago and we're talking a roll or a teeny cup of rice for dinner.

    I don't envy them. Makes me proud to be a big, fat American!

  4. Of all the olympic events, I am the most fascinated by women's (women- ha. I don't care what they can do- they're just babies!) gymnastics. I like sculls, too.