Wednesday, July 23, 2008

thank you for another funny moment Lord!

so remember the other day when i said i knew god had a sense of humor? well he showed me that again because that next morning i got up early straightened up and Lynette and Emily came over to go swimming and visit. I have been telling them to come over anytime but never offered a proper invite so i emailed them a few days before and said hey come over and bring the kids lets swim. i know i am Klassy!!!! anywho they said OK and after i got up i decided i would bake some muffins so i busted out the only 2 things i had in my pantry a box of Cinnamon and a box of blueberry and whipped them up set the timer and waited for them to arrive. well the house was smelling so good when they got here the muffins were just about done and we all came into my kitchen and i opened the oven and they were burnt! i mean like seriously here i was trying to be hospitable and have nice yummy muffins and they were burnt! oh well we swam talked, the kids played and had Popsicles oh and Lynette brought her famous chocolate chip cookies that i hid after she left so i could eat the leftovers and not share them because they are that good! but again i was reminded by my 10 year old when they left "mom that was fun we should have people over more often" yes we should Liz and next time i will buy the muffins......


  1. We had a blast and we loved the muffins!! Thank you for having us! You are an awesome hostess!

  2. Well, if it says anything about our Klass level then you should know that we devoured the muffins on our way home. LOL! We had a blast. The boys loved playing with Liz, Caris and Canaan enjoyed the water and I enjoyed your company!