Sunday, June 29, 2008

the view

I love "the view" i hope none of you look at me differently because i admit that LOL! not sure why i love it but i have watched it since it has begun and when i became a sahm it was my news show i watched, i know pathetic but i was 18! i didn't have many friends that stayed home and love to see the interaction between the women. i almost stopped watching last year when Rosie was on because i did not like it once she started but i stuck it out and i am glad i did. so here are a few of my favorites

Whoopi is really funny, she beats to her own drum and doesn't care what anyone says.

Barbara looks great for 600 years old doesn't she???..... i kid!!!! we all know she is only 187

my favorite....... Elisabeth first of all a great name (my daughter has that name in case you are new, well with a "z" not a "s") us republicans have to stick together right! plus she is a mommy of 2 young kids and hello she was on survivor!!!!

Sherri was so sweet she took tons of pictures with the audience and was so fun and smiley
i got a picture of Joy while in the casino because she played black jack at the table next to my roulette table (well i don't own the table obviously but you know what i mean) but for some reason Picasa wont put it up GRRR.
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