Friday, May 2, 2008

Moving is expensive

so like I had to tell anyone but moving is expensive! I have spent this week and last getting inspections done, estimates on cabinets, laminate, carpet, windows, light fixtures, blinds, etc, etc. and i have come to the conclusion that this all costs a lot of $$$! we are buying a foreclosure so we really got a awesome deal! I mean people cant believe what we paid for this house, but once they go in the understand. it is stuck in a different era, some rooms look original (50's), some have been added on so look like when they were built (60's and 70's) and some look remodeled (80's) and some look to have been tried to been updated (90's). it is exciting because when we are all said and done it should be a rocking house!
Luckily we sold a house a few months ago and after tithing, paying some bills and buying me a new (to me, not new 2003) car we have some cash left to hopefully do several of the repairs. the one thing we said is not one penny will go on a card, so we will work until it is gone than wait until we save some cash to finish. which means as of now my kitchen will probably be on hold until last because it is livable you can tell they updated it in oh 1987! but it works and i am so thankful to be getting our own home again!
God is so faithful though all of our bids have come in less than what we thought with only a few glitches (termites) but overall it is going great. and a benefit of a going to a great church with 8,000+ people is my husband and i know tons of people who can give us good honest work, and we know some people outside of church who do too so that is priceless, i always try to give business to a person we know!

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  1. How exciting. I can't wait to see how wonderful your house will look once you guys are all done with the matter how long it takes. :)