Saturday, April 19, 2008

ok I am obsessed!

so since we have been looking for and have found our perfect house we are a little obsessed with HGTV, before we always watched Food network but now Paula, Bobby, Rachel, and Alton have been put on hold and we are now watching Hidden Potential, color correction, design on a dime etc. etc.... have I told you all the list of things we need to do to this house?
well then you must know:
before we move in we need to:
  1. put a new roof
  2. clean the entire outside of the house, remove a bunch of trees, and replant some nice things.
  3. paint EVERY wall (have i ever told you all WE hate painting?!)
  4. flooring in the whole house
  5. make sure there are no pool problems and fill the pool (the county drained it because it was a mosquito breeding ground and you know the west Nile virus is not a good thing right now.. or ever!)
  6. and update the bathrooms with new tubs, toilets, and flooring (i told you all it was a lot of work)
  7. oh and a couple of broken windows
  8. oh and last thing new curtain/blinds/ window somethings
  9. and i am sure once we get in there will be more.

so if there is any money left after all of that we want to work on the kitchen and dining but that depends on the cash since we are not going into any additional debt other than the mortgage payment on this place. we WILL pay it all in cash. so we are praying God provides us with the best deals!another huge benefit is that John and his dad are very handy and hopefully can do most of the work (they cant do the roof or the pool but everything else they can do)


  1. It's going to be so awesome hearing all about the things you're doing to your new house. I'm sure you're going to be overwhelmed initially (I know I would be), but there WILL be success at the end of the road. Can't wait to see the 'before' and 'after' photos.

  2. That is so cool! What part of town is it in? I still think of you when I drive down New Stine.

  3. How exciting. I love all that home remodeling stuff. Since I will just be down the street I can watch your kiddos if you ever need time to work without kids around!

  4. Hey there, I know you are busy but I am tagging you if you get the chance. Its for 3 random things about yourself, the rules are on my blog. Feel free to ignore the tag if you want :)

  5. HGTV is my favorite channel next to the Food Network too! We don't own our own home yet, but when we do, I'm going to be full of knowledge on how to do everything that needs updating and fixing!

  6. Very exciting! Can't wait to follow your progress. I love HGTV but don't get it, so I do the online version. Just as addictive....