Tuesday, April 22, 2008

decorating question

OK so this is the first of MANY questions to come I assume....
this is going to be our family room... OK the walls with the doors and windows are facing the back yard (ignore the ugly carpet, paint and the weeds you see outside). the other 2 pictures are the opposite wall facing the front yard. what do you think I should do as far as window treatments??? I am leaning towards the door ones doing nothing maybe some sort of sheers. but the others need coverings so the neighbors aren't seeing in. there is 6 windows total do you think I should do 6 different blinds/shutter/curtain, or treat them as 2 big windows? there is a wall in-between each set of 3..........

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  1. Honestly, I think I'd redo the windows. That's a really big bank of windows and in our heat, ugh. But if that's not an option, I'd treat the front facing windows as two big windows and then the doors, and the front windows I would probably do individually with something light - or you could do some sort of blinds or shades and then two long panels on either side of the big bank of windows (as if they *could* be pulled all the way across but obviously aren't going to be.)

  2. I would treat them like 2 big windows, it looks alot better than having 6 blinds or whatever to pull up and down or across the room.

  3. I would treat them like two big windows!