Sunday, March 30, 2008

busy times

sorry I haven't been around too much this week! this is the busiest time for our MOPS group because we plan a huge silent auction and raffle and it is this Friday coming up. actually we have a super busy spring. Liz will be 10 on Wednesday! I cant believe my baby will be 10! silent auction, a swim meet, babysitting for 3 days for my sil (her 4 kids!) work picnic, John has a deep sea fishing trip and 2 golf tournaments for "work", my moms birthday and numerous other things I cant think of right now.
I feel as if I have been trying to fight off a cold lately, I can not get sick this week at all! I will definitely be on my knees in prayer this week and I would appreciate if you have a chance to say a prayer for me too!
tomorrow I have a steer team meeting too! WHEW I am tired already I better go to bed!

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  1. Are you completely kidding me? Malachi is turning 10 on Wednesday, too! We had our babies on the exact same day?!