Monday, January 28, 2008

Vegas Baby!

Next Sunday John and I will be going to Las Vegas! I am so excited I can hardly stand it, I am most excited because we are going here and here! John and I love food network, and we love Bobby Flay so it should be awesome, I would love to go to Emeril's restaurant too but I am certain if we want to get home and feed our families we may not e able to go there.
We are staying at Mandalay Bay, and when I told Jen our reservation lady it was our anniversary she bumped us up to a suite.... for no extra charge, and we are going at like the best time of the year so it is really reasonable as far as price goes. good thing since we will spend all our money on food.......... oh and a little gambling have I ever told you all I love to play roulette??? i do it is so much fun. Jon likes to play black jack and anything I don't play, because I think I make him nervous because I ask way too many questions about what I should do!
oh yeah and I didn't tell you what we are going for..... it is John's 30Th birthday next week, and our 10Th anniversary on Valentine's! it is going to be a great time I already know! and the kids are staying with my sil, except for Jake he is staying with my mom. I am kind of nervous to leave the kids for so many days (4 nights) but I will try not to think of it too much

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  1. Oh wow, how fun!! Have a GREAT time and be sure to share pics when you get back!