Saturday, December 15, 2007

My recipe

for a nice clean floor

first you start with a bucket with a mop and add a hefty amount of pinesol to it

then you boil a big pot of water!

add the water to the pinesol! Careful its hot
Mop floor as normal!

the results:
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  1. I am impressed, my floors never look like that!!!!!

  2. HOLY COW!!! That floor is SOOOO shiny! Is it because it's still wet? Or does it stay that shiny (as long as nobody walks on it :-)
    Is the trick adding boiling water? And of course pinesol! lol

  3. Nice! OK, so do you vacuum and sweep first or just sweep? And where are your children during this process? I am excited to do this TOMORROW! My floors are gross. This is just the inspiration I needed. Everyone is challenged to show their nice clean floors tomorrow! HA! You know you all want clean shiny floors for the weekend before Christmas anyway...and for baking cookies!!