Saturday, September 1, 2007

Did I tell you all....

I am going to Florida in 3 weeks! oh yeah sisters that is right I am going to the annual MOPS convention it is going to be so fun!!!! We were planning on going back in April but airfare was ridiculous, so in July when it still had not come down we decided never mind. well when I just happened to check last week before my leaders meeting the prices on air had dropped over a $100 a ticket, so we are going! so last minute, the hotel where the convention is was sold out but I called and begged and prayed, and guess what they gave me a room! God Is GOOD!!! now I just need to get everything else booked.... oh and did I mention my FAVORITE christian artist Matt Redman will be leading worship, can you imagine 7000 women worshipping together with Matt Redman?! oh and where we are staying is 5 minutes from Disney World, not that I like Disneyland so I doubt I would like Disney world but hey if I want to go I will be close. Can you tel I am a LITTLE excited?
The only thing that worries me is being stuck there because of a hurricane, whose idea was it to have a convention in Florida in the middle of Hurricane season, HELLO!!!!!!! oh well I am still going. I am also nervous to leave Jake, I haven't left him for 5 hours let alone 5 days, but John says to go and have fun everyone will be fine. Don't you love my hubby.... I do :)
Just thought I would rub it in let you know how extremely blessed I am!

Florida here I come think I should bring boards for my Windows, and extra water? Just in case??? I'm just saying.................


  1. Hi Raquel, your trip sounds like so much fun!! I'm sure you'll have a great time. I just wanted to reassure you about the hurricanes. In Orlando you are far enough inland that nothing really happens there. If there does happen to be a system passing over, it's usually significantly weakened by the time it gets there and is only a tropical storm. So relax and have fun!

  2. Our MOPS leadership team will be there, too. How fun! You will love the MOPS convention. So worth your time away from your little ones. You will come back a better mommy.

  3. That is awesome! I didn't know MOPS had conventions. I'm going to join a MOPS here on the post I live at. I've heard great things about the group. Congrats on getting affordable tickets & having a room available. Have a great time! Thanks for visiting.