Monday, July 2, 2007

Personal Policies

I read this meme at Musings of a Housewife and I had to jump in because come on people I am all about doing things my way I mean the right way soooo here goes:
  1. you must always be ready for someone to stop in for a visit within 10 minutes. even if you have to shut all the bedroom doors you should be able to straighten up in 10 minutes!
  2. all dishes must be in the dishwasher and the house straighten before going to bed at night
  3. I must take a shower before bed- that is the only time in the day I am all alone and the kids wont interrupt me and the I can take as long as I want! plus I get to go to bed nice and cool!
  4. you must where shoes outside! I hate being barefoot anytime but outside is just yucky!
  5. sit at the table/ kitchen bar thingy to eat, no eating on the couch or the playroom.
  6. Never wake me if I am taking a nap unless someone is hurt!
  7. when playing a game play by the rules! no making up things as you go along, if you have to stop to read directions that is fine.
  8. when driving USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL!!!! drive the speed limit or faster :) and do not back track!!!!!!!
  9. if people are in your car turn off the radio, and if they visit your home run the AC, come on people we live in California!
  10. always say I love you to your kids and hubby daily!

OK really I like rules I could have listed a ton more but I will spare you, but one last one

If you re over a size 14 as I am avoid clothing with the words: halter, sleeveless, low-rise, super short, or spaghetti strap, and the obvious 2-piece, come on ladies we are not 16 or a size 2!

thanks DCRMom , loved it!

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  1. I just can't get on board with #4, but the rest are right-on! :-)