Thursday, June 28, 2007

why am I blogging?????

when I should be getting things ready for retreat?!!!!! I sat dow to my computer to type up some stuff for retreat and noticed i had some email, so I checked tht and then decided to read some blogs, but i like so many it took a while. i plnned on working from 9-12 and it is 12 and i have done nothing. to my defense John got home from bible study at our church and we sa and chatted, now my hubby normally goes to bed at 8 and tonight he stayed up until 10:30!!!! wow he is living la vida loca tongiht! it was nice to talk without the kids interupting us. so retreat is tomoorrow and now i have to be under pressure, which I am pretty good at anyway so tomoorrow I have to finish my work!!!! I will, hey I got the house cleaned today that is progress!


  1. Cute weight ticker. I like the scale! Congrats on your one pound!
    Don't sweat it, Raquel.

    You still have all of the morning, all of the afternoon, and an hour of the evening to finish your retreat stuff! Have you seen Music & Lyrics, I love that movie? (My quote came from that movie.)

  2. Did you get it all done? :-D