Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Library Day

you know I got up this morning and put on my good mom hat, you know the baby slept from 12-7:30 so I felt good!!!! anyway we went to swim team and then cruised by the library, doesn't open until 10 so we come home, do all the chores and run back out (if you know me, you know I like to leave once not numerous times a day but they really wanted to go)so we go to the library. and before we go in I say Johnathan (3 yr old) we will not run, yell, or be mean OK? "OK" so we go in, did not know it was story time.

good right???

ummm No! Johnathan sits down, and a kid tells him to move and pushes him down, and another little boy tells him to shut up because he was talking (the lady asked a question) anyhow where are these parents you ask oh just sitting there... UGH!!!! anyway when we began looking at books he was so excited he was yelling "ooooh a tractor book, oh a plane book, oh a truck book and so on" well we stayed a hour he was way to loud for this crowd. the other kids did great but it was all a little too much for this 3 year old. so we will attempt the library again at some point but for now we will stick with the bigger kids, or when I can take him alone......


  1. Ok, I linked to you from your comment on Lynette's blog. What the heck, I think our babies might be on the same t-ball team?? Oh wait, you said that David was playing up a league didn't you? Anyhow we are out there at Fairfax too! That is hilarious. Is it your first year out there?

  2. Oops, excuse me, Jonathan is your littlest isn't he? Sorry about that!

  3. We have had those library moments too. Emma has a hard time realizing that we need to use our "library" voice. I think you are pretty awesome for taking those kiddos to the library! You just had a c-section!! You're a good mommy!