Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

This post is dedicated to John, not that he even reads my blog but just in case he does ever he can read about how much I love him!!! 50 of the things I love about watching you be a dad, and things I Love about being married to you

  1. You love Jesus!

  2. You show the kids how important it is to be involved in ministry

  3. You set the example of going to church on a regular basis

  4. You help me clean, and you don't complain!

  5. you always throw out the trash

  6. you put the toilet seat down :)

  7. you make a bottle before you leave for work in the morning so I don't have to walk to the kitchen to do it!

  8. you teach our boys how to treat a lady

  9. you teach our daughter how she needs to be treated

  10. you love Jesus

  11. you pray with the kids every night without fail!!!!

  12. you go to all t-ball games, practices, and swim meets

  13. you are sensitive when you need to be

  14. you would do anything for me

  15. you hold my hand and kiss me good night

  16. you do not allow the kids to talk back to me, or any adults

  17. you like to play cootie, and other games with the kids

  18. you don't mind paying a gardener, or someone to paint which neither of us like

  19. you don't mind changing a diaper, feeding a bottle, or wiping a 3 year old butt

  20. you love Jesus!

  21. you love to help me cook

  22. you never complain if I ask you to stop by the store on your way home

  23. you bring me flowers, and Liz too!

  24. you are teaching our daughter how to golf

  25. you will take the kids places by yourself

  26. your not afraid to dance in front of the kids, even though you cant dance :)

  27. you teach the boys, things boys need to know

  28. you love the kids mommy :) that's me!!!!

  29. you encourage me in ministry

  30. you love Jesus!!!

  31. you listen to e complain

  32. you let me cry if I need to

  33. you cry if you need to

  34. you don't talk down to me, or call me old lady :)

  35. you don't yell

  36. you are shy

  37. and quiet

  38. except when you need to be loud

  39. you don't complain if you have to watch the kids

  40. you love Jesus!

  41. you fix things

  42. you work so hard so I can stay home

  43. you like that I stay home

  44. you like my cooking

  45. you don't mind that I am a picky cleaner

  46. you know how to swaddle a baby, give a bath, and put a ponytail in.

  47. you love me for me

  48. you love the kids

  49. you put our needs before yours

  50. and... you love Jesus!!!!

I could write a million more! I love you so much you truly are my best friend!


  1. I love your 50 reasons you love your hubby! I almost got teary eyed! He's a really nice guy. When I couldn't get in the Sanctuary this morning (the doors were locked), he gave me a ride in his golf cart. I had no idea he was going to drive me inside the sanctuary. :-) He's a really nice guy! You guys complete each other. Love you!

  2. This made me cry! I love it!