Friday, February 9, 2007

Thursday Thirteen on Friday

13 things you may not know about me
  1. I love Pepsi
  2. I love Las Vegas
  3. I hate to sit in a car for a long period of time
  4. I can not stand cats
  5. or many animals actually but especially cats
  6. my favorite color is Red!
  7. I want to go to Spain, New York, and Hawaii someday
  8. my husband is my best friend!!!!
  9. I love reality TV
  10. I think tattoo's are awesome (I don't have any)
  11. my favorite foods are basque, a nice juicy steak and pizza, oh and nectarines!
  12. I would love to have 6 kids
  13. God has a awesome plan for my life!!!!

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